Individual Therapy

Therapy has much in common with counselling and psychology. Essentially it is a “talking therapy” which involves seeing a trained professional, usually once a week for an hour, to discuss and explore problems you may be having in your life.

Our focus is on behavioural therapies and solution focused and strengths based therapy. These approaches focus on both change and understanding. They can help to change unhelpful behaviours in our lives as well as helping us to understand where these behaviours come from.

We have therapists that are based in our Palmerston North office.

By having a number of clinician’s we can find the right person to work with you.

Our team are qualified and experienced in a range of proven approaches including:

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy – DBT
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT
  • Brief, solution focused interventions
  • Process Communication Model



Contact us for an appointment to discuss if our services can meet your needs. If we are the right place for you we will discuss with you our ideas of what could be occurring and offer some options of how to address these. This might include personal training, individual, family or group work. We negotiate with you a treatment plan and you are informed of all aspects of the treatments and choose what you wish to be involved with based on our advice and with our support.

We can work with the significant people in your life (family, partner, doctor and other professional practices) to ensure your needs are met.